Thursday, 26 May 2011

Boys and their toys ...

  Harry, James and Pierce finally got their Mystical Dragons finished. It took a few lessons and a little help here and there, but they are really proud of them. They did a great job. We used rice to fill the bodies so they are nice and firm, then stuffed the heads with toy fill. It was a fun project.

 Ian helping James sew on the wings. We used long doll needles and it was still tough going.

That's me helping Pierce with his wings. Someone must have got hold of my camera!!

Finished Projects

Nita stitched these gorgeous Christmas buckets for teachers gifts from her boys. Cute as!

Lesley's first quilt - finally finished. Of course she has now made a few more. Not bad for someone who tried to resist quilts when she started to sew not too long ago.

A mobile phone bag - a quick and easy project finished in only 1 class. Yeah!

That's Gillian hiding behind her Sweet'n Sassy quilt. It's a little hard to see the border, it's a lovely Japanese floral print.

Sewing Revolution Projects


 Marg made the aqua cover and Linda made the spotty version. This was the first project we did using the Sewing Revolution tools and rulers. All the covers turned out beautifully and different. It's not easy to see in the photo, but there are fancy stitches fanning out from the embroideries.