Saturday, 28 September 2013

Today in class...

Donna started her first quilt and Natalie started some hanging pockets

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Australian Sewing Guild - Industry Day

Had a fabulous day in Toowoomba recently.
The day was hosted by the Darling Downs Region, and they did a great job. The ladies in the kitchen put on a delicious spread for morning tea and lunch.

There were 3 Presenters Maureen Thompson, Martyn Smith and Suzanne Gray.

Maureen has just retired from Scafs at Indooroopilly. She has previously produced a book on designing your own skirts from a simple pattern or using no pattern. She presented her next book on Designing bodices. Maureen presented in a way that is easy to understand and her book has ALL the details and pictures to make it easy to do at home. I purchased a copy and need to set about making myself some bodices (or they may become dresses).
Bodices by You by Maureen Thompson
Martyn Smith's presentation was all about interfacing. McCalls have developed some lovely new interfacings, that at the moment are available through Spotlight. I will be ordering some to have on hand for classes next month.

The most important thing Martyn said (more than once) was
DO NOT USE STEAM to apply your interfacing. Ideally use a press, but an iron will work if it is hot enough 185 approx. cotton to linen setting for 16 - 20 seconds. The disadvantage of the iron is the plate is usually full of holes (for steam). So if you have a solid plate use it instead. Let the interfaced piece sit and cool before you move it carefully without getting your fingerprints on the piece (use the seam edges). Ideally use a separate padded board for applying interfacing because your ironing board will be full of moisture form all that steam you use when pressing fabric and garments.

Names of new interfacings

Suzanne Gray specializes in Fractured Knits. She uses a variety of knits and jerseys, prints and plains to create gorgeous jackets and shirts.These can be made from a basic t-shirt or cardigan pattern. Suzanne was full of tips and tricks for sewing with knits and creating one of a kind designs.
A small selection of Suzanne's ideas

Beaudesert Show 2013

Beaudesert Show - Needlework Section 2013
This was my first year as Chief Steward for the
Needlework Section at the Beaudesert Show. 
I enjoyed it very much, learned a few things,
will change a few things, took note of a few things. 

It was interesting listening to the judges comments as she worked her way through the entries. Some comments worth noting include
make sure you adhere to the Class title.
For example a "soft toy" must be for playing with and cuddling,
otherwise it's not a toy.
Size restrictions must be adhered to.
Attention to detail decides the winner.
Press, press, press! ( I think I say that one a lot too)
If the Class specifies an item "not mentioned" you shouldn't enter something that belongs in another class (even if you are limited to 2 items).

It was great to see some of my students work entered.
Juanita's skeleton shirt for her husband came second.
Ellen's Log Cabin Quilt came first in the Novice section and also
received the Encouragement Award.
Esther did well with the dress she made for her Year 7 Graduation.
Maggie and Georgia both did well in the Primary School section.
Maddison (not a student of mine) is 12 years old and does the most amazing work. She sews and smocks beautifully. Her Mother and Grandmother are both very talented and have taught her well. I think it is wonderful to have 3 generations of talented sewers who share their skills.
Lesley's tutu performed well (pardon the pun LOL), though
I didn't teach her that one.
Marg's teddy bear delighted the judge so much, he won Grand Champion.

There were some new faces this year which is terrific.
There are so many talented people around here, and we really need
to encourage them all to enter.
Remember - there is no Show without entries.
So watch out, because next year I'll be chasing your entries. LOL
Beaudesert Show - Needlework Section 2013

Monday, 23 September 2013

Miss Universe - Designer Gowns or What?

Interesting choices. Made by designers ( what is a designer by the way?), but seriously, are these gowns suitable for Miss Universe to wear representing Australia? The blue frilly gown has elegant foundations, but is way to frilly and fluffy to carry off true elegance. The Wattle dress looks like it's been through the mulcher, and the other 2 belong in the bedroom. Hardly a national costume. What has happened to stylish dressing? The black outfit is not much different to Miley Cyrus's white outfit this week, and it didn't get any good reviews. There are some fabulous Australian designers whose work is stylish and elegant. I wonder why they didn't make the cut? Maybe they didn't enter.
Just my opinion. What did you think?

Sewn in class

Check out Em's pockets

Cushion made from a retro tablecloth

Tunics and dresses