Saturday, 15 October 2011

Quick Unpicking

For easy removal of stitching try unpicking every 3rd stitch on top, then turn over and pull on the bottom thread. It should remove easily leaving some stray threads on the front that should brush away.

This is definately a tool worth spending a little more on. I love the white handled Clover unpick which sells for around $7-8. Worth it!

The Burn Test

Do you have fabric but can't recall it's fibre content?
Well let's burn it and find out...

Safety first, make sure you use tongs over a fire proof surface with a bowl of water beside you just in case.

 Cotton and Linen (vegetable fibres)
- catch fire easily
- burn well, like paper
- easily extinguished
- ash crumbles easily

Wool (protein fibre)
- doesn't light easily
- sometimes goes out if heat source is removed
- smells like burning hair
- ash crumbles easily

Silk (protein fibre)
- lights quicker than wool
- smells like burning hair
- ash crumbles easily

Acetate (cellulose fibre)
- burns well and difficult to blow out
- ash is hard

Rayon (cellulose fibre)
- burns well
- smells woody
- leaves a small amount of ash

Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester (derived from coal,oil,petroleum)
- burn easily
- leaves black bead of residue / hard ash
- Nylon smells like burning plastic
- Polyester smells sweeter