Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Burn Test

Do you have fabric but can't recall it's fibre content?
Well let's burn it and find out...

Safety first, make sure you use tongs over a fire proof surface with a bowl of water beside you just in case.

 Cotton and Linen (vegetable fibres)
- catch fire easily
- burn well, like paper
- easily extinguished
- ash crumbles easily

Wool (protein fibre)
- doesn't light easily
- sometimes goes out if heat source is removed
- smells like burning hair
- ash crumbles easily

Silk (protein fibre)
- lights quicker than wool
- smells like burning hair
- ash crumbles easily

Acetate (cellulose fibre)
- burns well and difficult to blow out
- ash is hard

Rayon (cellulose fibre)
- burns well
- smells woody
- leaves a small amount of ash

Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester (derived from coal,oil,petroleum)
- burn easily
- leaves black bead of residue / hard ash
- Nylon smells like burning plastic
- Polyester smells sweeter


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