Thursday, 29 September 2011

Beaudesert Show entries

This is a collection of Georgia's FIRST soft toy and her SPECIAL PRIZE. James' dragon came THIRD. That's also Esther's doll's legs.

In this cabinet is Harry's satchel and dragon, James' dragon, Esther's bag, doll and outfit for a 3 year old, Georgia's tote bag, soft toy and fabric basket, and Ainsleigh's pompom apron and star cushion

Esther's dress featuring a cowl collar, lining and rolled hems.Esther's dress came SECOND in the under 12 year old category.

A very fuzzy photo of Eliza's dress with a silk bolero jacket. Eliza's outfit came FIRST in the under 12 year section.

I love this cabinet...there is only one item that isn't from any of my students. How cool is that?
 Harry & James entered their Nerf vests, Eliza and Esther entered dresses, Ainsleigh and Georgia entered their pyjamas, Kate and Ainsleigh entered tote bags.

Gillian's first show entry - casual bag using fabric weaving techniques. Her bag came THIRD.

Lesley entered an outfit for a girl under 12 years old and came SECOND.

Another dress entered by Lesley. This one came THIRD.

Naomi's cushion entry came FIRST in the senior section. The cushion was made using the Sewing Revolution Create-a-Tilt ruler. The embroidery is from Sue Box.

Georgia's tote bag came FIRST and Ainsleigh's pompom apron came SECOND.

Eliza's shaggy quilt on the left came SECOND and Esther's came FIRST. Ainsleigh's soft toy came SECOND.
I am very proud of everyone's entries. Well done. Now let's start working on next years effort...

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