Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Beaudesert Show 2012 - Children's Section

WOW! How talented are these kids.
Most of the items in this photo belong to my students.
Well done to all who entered, and Congratulations to
those of you who won prizes.
I am so proud of you all.

I passed Nita on Sunday morning and she said she had heard my voice in her head saying "there's no show without entries". So thankyou to all who entered their sewing this year,. It was a fabulous display of talent.

I made some notes ...

Machine Made Garment up to 12 years
1st - Esther's purple spot dress
2nd - Eliza's shorts and knit top
Hannah entered her pink shorts, and black/pink top
Brock entered his reversible vest

Machine Made Garment up to 16 years
1st - Jay's purple shirt

Casual Bag up to 16 years
1st - Harry's laptop satchel

Casual Bag up to 12 years
1st - Eliza's passport bag

Quilted Item
1st - Esther's Christmas Stocking 

Machine Made Article
1st - Eliza's fabric box

Most Successful AND Most Outstanding Junior - Esther

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