Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Warm woolen dressing gown

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I managed to finish my warm woolen dressing gown in time
for the cold weather.
(How far away is Spring??)
I decided not to line it afterall. I am making a gown out of the lining instead.
Still deciding whether to have long sleeves or not.

I kept the original blanket stitching as the hem. Originally I did this to the sleeves as well, and the realised they were way too drafty.
So I finished them with a ribbed cuff instead.
I am very pleased with the results - a beautiful woolen gown for a mere $10.
 from an online garage sale.
And a mid season gown for $0 from gifted stretch satin.

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  1. Love this gown, Wendy. Let me know if you want to sell it! Warm woollen gowns are so hard to find, and even nice fabric. Found fabric on a US site that would cost me $200 AU to get here!