Friday, 20 December 2013

A few photos from the last month

I decided I needed a new apron for Christmas. I've had Kwik Sew 3787 for ages. So I rummaged through my stash and came up with green gingham and pale pink homespun. A subtle combination for Christmas, but also suitable for other occasions. I'm very pleased, it's so pretty.

Dance costumes - there was definitely lots of red, white and blue in the Studio during the final weeks of costume prep.  Surprisingly the sparkly blue was quite easy to sew and it didn't fray like we all expected. There was still glitter and sequins and sparkles to vacuum up after class though.
The BeauDance Academy end of year concert was very good. It was the story of a little girls birthday party, and while playing pin the wand on the fairy, the birthday girl was transported around the world of dance. She went to Asia, Africa, America, Europe, and the Arctic. Lots of variety. 

 Kate made a simple cool top for Summer from a lovely cotton
she picked up at a garage sale.
Rather than putting a button and loop at the back opening, we decided to stitch the flaps down and create visual interest instead.
Buttons could be used rather than simply stitching, but we decided the fabric was patterned enough without them.

Emma-Lisa made a few retro stuffed toys for the Darlington Markets.
She used vintage fabrics including a chenille bedspread. 
They were gorgeous.

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